Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ghost : Hearing sounds in the creepy cabin
Ghost : Creepy Ghost Footage captured



So, I finally got a webcam and got it working (ugh, harder than I thought...). Hope you like it :)
Today we introduce a new "story stream" called "Moments In Web Series History" and we want you to participate. Why today? Well, as any "lonelygirl15" participant knows it was 6 years ago today, on June 16, 2006, that Bree posted the video above. The rest is history.

"Moments In Web Series History" will be about those special moments where the World of Web series was changed by significant historical Web series events that affected the community at large, or the entire direction of Web series. We want you to participate.

If you are already an "author" on Web Series Today simply create your post about a significant historical event and add the tag/label "Moments In Web Series History" which will add the post to the story stream. You can always find a link to the story stream in the "Categories" column of the menu at the top of the blog.

Note that this stream is not something that should be used to promote your own show unless it was associated with a major historical Web series event. For example things like the launch of your show or your first 1000 subscribers may be historical in the context of your own show, but here we are looking at the larger picture of monumental events that left a major impact or impression on the Web series community.

If you want to become an author in order to participate just follow the instructions given on the link on the right side of the blog.  If you just want to comment, you can simply add historical facts and/or links in the comments on any of the posts with the label: Moments In Web Series History

To get the ball rolling we have added the label to two previously existing story streams: This Day in LG15 History and This Day in Web Series History. The new label, "Moments In Web Series History," will help broaden the historical Web series information cover by the story stream.

Hopefully by collaborating on this project we can build something special.